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viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Christian Devotionals for 2012 - 10 Lessons for the New Year 2012

Christian Devotionals for 2012 - 10 Lessons for the New Year 2012

Each new year is a gift from God , and this year 2012 which will be a spectacular year, would not delay the blessings will come upon you.

A year is like a jewel that has 365 beautiful gemstones. All valuable jewel needs to be kept, stored and enjoyed in the proper perspective.

Perhaps I can ask and how to treat time as a gem. The Bible says so:
Do not be fools, but wise, redeeming the time because the days are evil. Apostle Paul.
"Who is wise and understanding among you? Show by his good conduct that his works with meekness of wisdom "James 3:13.

Many people have a desperate race to be wise, intelligent and knowledgeable. Every day studying and signing up to be wiser course, but have not learned the basic lessons of life . They want to learn lessons from books, but ignore the lessons of daily life that God teaches us and have a profound value.

The lessons daily in life are simple yet profound.
Here are the ten simple lessons of life, if you learn you will be wise. These ten lessons each of us have in this new year.

1 .- God first in life, because the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. Without God we can do nothing. He is not the last resort when things go wrong, but the first so that everything goes well in life. Jesus said when he said this statement: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other bears will follow".

2 .- God gave you a body. If you like or hate this body, this gift God gave you for the rest of your life, so you better learn to love and live with it. Not fight more with the body and begin to be grateful and good stewards of the body God has given us careful how we eat, we cleaned and dressed. Do not forget that our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost.

3 .- You always learn lessons in life. You are enrolled in a university called life. Every day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn new lessons. I like the lessons or not, and there are lessons to be learned.

4 .- A lesson is repeated until it is learned. This lesson will be presented over and over again in various forms until you have learned. Only when you learn you can go to the next lesson. There are no shortcuts in this, our courses are free or purchased diplomas in life. School life is relentless in this.

5 .- There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process that involves mistakes, but in life and to God those mistakes become lessons. All who have accomplished something in life you can tell us how many times did not. Every detail becomes almost lost a precious stone. The apostle Paul said, saying that those who love God all things work together for good.

6.-Learning lessons is a process that never ends. There is no part of life that does not contain lessons. If you are alive, then there are still lessons to learn. The race of life and the degree of human existence is not the product of a 3, 10 or 12 years. All life is the course. It's a race with infinite goal.

7 .- The others are mirrors to your life. You can not love or hate anyone unless you understand that you love or hate is a reflection of yours you love or hate. Resentment, hatred and bitterness is the best way of torturing ourselves. It is the post where we end up hanged without realizing that this or that both hate is but a reflection of or have not worked in me.

8 .- Make your life something that grows. You have all the tools and resources that God has given for the formation of your life. What you do with those tools will determine your growth, but the decision is always yours. God has placed within you gifts, capabilities, operations and ministries. Those are God's tools for the training of your life.

9 .- There is no better than here. When your there has become your here, another there just seems to get better than you here. So enjoy and be faithful to you here. Do not look outside the fields that appear more green, when yours or need a little more diligence. Do not get distracted with the plate you put your neighbor if you are in the same table with him.
Your dish is perhaps the same or maybe surprised you with a dish best but you have not noticed by looking at the others.

10 .- The answers are in the Word of God. When doubts assail you and confusion surround you find the answers in the Word of God. The Bible remains the manufacturer's manual. When you've tried everything and the matter is not resolved yet the answer is in the Word of God. Let God speak to you, teach you and guide you. Is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto your words my way the Psalmist said.
Watch with joy what God has in store in this new year. Keep the faith. Practice these ten lessons and prepare for the best.
Your life is in God's hands and he has given you wisdom and understanding to manage all that he has planted within you.

May God continue to sustain you and you can still see what he has given you.
Dr. Serafin Contreras Galeano.

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